Old Age Home

Its main concern is providing of shelter to old and aged people and aiming of welfare and care of the older and senior aged people staying there and providing of each and every facilities to the residents. It also aims at providing and regular access to the health of the senior, Old aged, and handicapped person and improvement of their both physical and mental stability with good envornment.

It is a completely charitable Old Age Home where the residents are treated like family members. We try our level best to give them the comfort of home and treat them with utmost love and respect. At present we have 50 residents living there, 40 residents have passed away in the premises.

All the residents are given fresh food, clean clothes and environment and medicines according to their ailments. All the facilities of a home like a washing machine, oven, aquaguard, etc., are provided with.

All ther residents are above the age of 60. In their twilight years all they need is someone to care for them and not let them feel that they have no one on earth. Though it is a completely charitable organisation all our staff menbers are on paid salary as we want them to take their job seriously and be accountable to the trust. The total salaries come upto Rs.80,000 per month, the expenses of food and medicines come up to 2,00,000 per month. Along with the other expences the expenses for one month are close to Rs. 3,00,000 – 3,50,000 a month.