Ashiana Residential School

Ashiana Residential School for the Blind, Dumb and Deaf,
Physically Challenged and Orphan Children


Three floors are dedicated for the underprivileged, differently abled and orphan children of the society these two floors are still under construction. We have completed the moulding of these floors however we are in short of fund for the completion and furnishing of these floors.



Required Funds for the Construction

Plastering labour Rs.3,00,000 /-
Outer plastering labour Rs.2,25,000/-
Construction of walls Rs.80,000/-
Wiring and fitting Rs.1,50,000/-
Painting Rs.1,00,000/-
Tiles and fitting Rs.2, 25,000/-
Aluminium windows Rs.1,05,000/-
Doors Rs.90,000/-
Sanitary work Rs.73, 000/-

Lift Expenses

Lift Expenses 13,77,745/-


Bunker beds Rs.2,00,000/- 
Cupboards Rs.50,000/-
Washing machine Rs.12,000/-
Bed sheet, bed cot ,pillows ,blanket Rs.60,000/-

Overall maintenance of the building

Electricity Rs.15,000/-
Maintenance Rs.8,000/-