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Ashiana Old Age Home

Ashiana Old Age Home

Ashiana old age home was started in 2010 it is located at # 82 Kannamangala Palya, Kannamangala post, Devanahalli Taluk, Bangalore rural. We started off with 1 destitute elder who was in need of a home to stay. Here we admit destitute elders who do not have close kith or kin to care for them. It is a charitable old age home with all modern facilities where the elders are not burdened with any work or worries. We provide them with fresh food, medicines and other daily needs. We care for them till their last breath. Over 200 residents have passed away peacefully in Ashiana old age home. We have appointed staff members to care for their necessities and we treat our residents with utmost love and respect. It is a realm for the troubled elders in their twilight years we do not differentiate them on any basis.

Adopt A Parent


Adopt A Parent Rs.6,000/-

Monthly Expenses


Groceries Rs.70,000 /-
Medicines and medical expenses average Rs. 60,000 /-
Salaries Rs. 1,00,00 /-
Electricity between Rs. 15,000/-
Milk Rs. 10,000/-
Miscellaneous Rs. 10,000 /-
Toiletries Rs. 15,000 /-
Fruits Rs. 10,000 /-
Snacks Rs. 10,000 /-
Doctor Visits Rs. 20,000 /-
Cooking Gas Rs. 10,000 /-

Special Donation (Contribute for a meal)


Breakfast Rs.2,000/-
Veg Biryani Rs. 3,000/-
Chicken Biryani Rs. 5,000/-
Mutton Biryani Rs. 8,000/-
Dinner Veg Rs.3,000/-
Milk & Evening Snacks Rs.1,000/-