About Us.

Who we Are

Ashiana old age home was established in 2011 as there were a lot of people on the streets who needed a place to call home. They could not afford staying in a paid old age home as they had nothing let on them, no money no relatives and no one to call their own. It was a pitty to see elderly people begging on the streets.

The founder chairman Mohammed Farooq came across one such person he had known a long time back who belonged to a well-known family had lamded up on the streets because of various circumstances. So the chairman decided then amd there that he would open a home for people who deserved love respect amd care in their twilight years.

History of Organization

Al AMAN EDUCATIONAL AND WELFARE TRUST is registered under the Indian Trust act on 19th day of February 1996 with the objective of serving to the people in need without any discrimination in the name of caste, class or creed. The Trust was formed by a group of individuals who have committed to render relentless service towards the development of the disadvantaged. The Trust is much interested in engaging itself in development of self-help groups, women and child welfare and bringing about a change in their lifestyle. Thus the Trust had concentrated on Health care Environment awareness, Selfemployment and leadership training for women, and other such socio – economic activity like Old Age Home, Total sanitation, rural women education, Mother and child care.

“Al Aman Educational And Welfare Trust” is functioning with a “Vision” to uplift the downtrodden people since from its inception in the year 1996. Al-Aman Educational & Welfare Trust is motivated to serve the un-served and the underserved. Our programmes are based with Education / Healthcare / Women empowerment / Care of children and abandoned women / physically / visually challenged and senior citizen and single women. In addition to the above we are focusing on environment / ecological development and national integration.