Education is they Key to Socio-Economic Upliftment Muslims in India

Singapore is one of the handful of countries that has made remarkable progress in the recent history in the field of higher education research, technology, banking, commerce, international trade etc. The tiny island nation owes its present economic status to the education foundation laid by its founder president Lee. Al Amaan educational and Welfare trust strongly believes that the same development-through-education could be replicated for the socio-economic development of Muslim community in India too. The Trust is striving hard to identify the deserving Muslim students to provide them with education support.

Sachar Committee reported that enrollment of Muslim in education is 59 percent compared to national average of 70 percent, this is very disturbing trend not only for the Muslims but also for the developing India, the committee further found that the dropouts rate is higher among Muslim compared to other communities. Al Amaan Educationl and Welfare Trust has  plans to create mass awareness about economic benefits of education for Muslims through all the means at their disposal.

Muslims enrollment in Education system

The early part of this century has witnessed upswing in the enrollment of Muslim students at primary, secondary and tertiary level, thanks to the financial and moral support extended by number of Muslim charitable trusts.  Alhamdulillah Al Aman Educational and welfare Trust is forefront in providing financial and educational guidance support to hundreds  of Muslims to pursue their education in schools and colleges.

Muslim Girls enrollment outnumbered boys’

Al Aman Educational and welfare trust is happy to announce  that  more Muslims girls parents are coming forward to enroll their girl child in schools and colleges,.  During the year 2023 Al Aman Educcational and welfare trust has helped scores of Muslims girls with scholarships and educational counselling  to pursue academic and professional degrees.

An inclusive education project

Alaman Educational and welfare trust has established an exclusive residential school for blind, deaf and dumb children in Bangalore, where the children aged 8 to 16 years are enrolled, this Institution is a boon for the visually and hearing impaired Muslim children and orphans. The education, accommodation, food, study material  are offered free to all the inmates of the residential institution, besides good medical care.

Aashiyana , a refuge for the aged, destitute and homeless.

Modern lifestyle, lack of Deeniyat education among the Muslim youth and  nuclear families have made the Muslim society insensitive to the needs of the aged parents and other  close relatives, even highly educated Muslims too are reluctant to take care of their aged parents, eventually the parents are either deserted or forced to seek refuge elsewhere. Al  Amaan Educational and Charitable Trust has established a completely free  old age home Aashiyana to take care of the destitute widows, deserted parents and other homeless Muslims.

Aashiyana takes care of their food accommodation, clothing etc. Periodical medical checkups are done and medical camps are held for treating various ailments and age related diseases. Dedicated volunteers are always available for any type of service to the home inmates. More welfare and educational projects are on the anvil, inshallah with your  generous contribution we hope to implement them soon.

Dear Bothers and Sisters your donation could turn poor Muslim students into IAS officers, executives, entrepreneurs, businessmen and future donors and Zakat givers.

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May ALLAH ST bless his bounties upon you, your families and well wishers, AAMEEN.

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