Muslim community needs integrated development

There isn’t a single area of economic and social development where the Muslim community is in forefront, the community needs financial, technical and legal support on all avenues of development and not just education. True to its name Al-Amaan educational and welfare trust has been continuously rendering social services, education support and guidance since it’s establishment in 1995, and  above all the trust has established  a school for orphans, visually and hearing impaired students, a home for the aged and a food bank  in Bangalore city.

Employment Opportunities beyond borders

Al Amaan education and welfare trust is tireless in pursuit of its goals, still the founder of the trust feels that there are lot of niche area where the community needs immediate attention, one such area that can bring immediate prosperity to Muslim community is skilled  job, in the field of health care, para medical, welding, electrical repairs, plumbing etc., These skilled jobs abroad are not only highly paid but also can get the applicants permanent citizenship in developed countries, for instance Germany needs a lot nursing assistants with monthly pay of rupees 2 lakhs.


Muslim intelligentsia focuses only education not skill development

Muslim intelligentsia across the Indian subcontinent is of the view that the education holds the key for economic and social development of Muslim community, true it was, now the situation has transform totally, we can see millions of graduates including professional ones are finding it very difficult to secure a decent job, the reason: industries, businesses and other avenues of employment require not just a qualified workforce they  need skills along with academic qualifications. Al-Amaan Education and welfare trust exploring all skill avenues to establish skills development centers across the state of Karnataka.

Not many could make it to Medicine IAS,  IIT, IIM

There are many, organizations, charitable institutions and corporate houses,  who are ready to sponsor economically socially underdeveloped communities including Muslims, but the irony is that hardly one percent intermediate students opt for these courses, isn’t prudent for the sponsors and charitable organizations to conduct short-term skills development training in the areas of health care, industrial helpers and other such skills whose demand is very high in the job market.

Why Employability Skills?

Another area where educated Muslims need immediate attention is employability skills training, despite their good qualifications, professional degrees, good ranks and high grades  lakhs or graduates are rendered unemployed or underemployed due to lack of employability skills. These skills include resume writing, soft skills, communication skills  and interview skills. At Al-Amaan educational and welfare trust many job-aspirants are  sponsored for employability skills training every year, it’s heartening to note that many Muslim girls are coming forward to avail this great opportunity. Al-Amaan Educational and welfare trust is planning to have a tie-up with existing skills development centres or establish it’s own training facility in Bangalore city to cater to the growing demand. The trust needs you generous help for this noble cause.

Dear Bothers and Sisters your donation could turn poor Muslim students into IAS officers, executives, entrepreneurs, businessmen and future donors and Zakat givers.

Donate Generously.

May ALLAH ST bless his bounties upon you, your families and well wishers, AAMEEN.

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