Why do Muslims need trusts or Baitulmaal󠇯 ?

The Arabic word Baitul-maal󠇯 means ‘house of weal󠇯th’ meant for providing financial aid to the poor and deserving Muslims. Since the inception of this concept by our beloved Prophet (SAS) it has become an integral part of Muslim society and is instrumental in social, educational, and economic upliftment of Muslim all over the world. A Baitul-mal managed by Hazrat–E-Usman-E-Gani (RA) is still being maintained by the Government of Suadi Arabia, Subhanallah. Hundreds and thousands of poor Muslims including, destitutes, widows, orphans, aged Muslim men and women worldwide depend on Baitul-maal for their livelihood, thank to our beloved Prophet SAS for initiating the Nobel concept of Baitulmaal.

Muslim Charitable Trust is a modern version of Baitulmaal.

A modern version of Baitul-maal is welfare or charitable trust. Al Aman Educational and Welfare Trust is a registered trust headquartered at south Indian city of Bangalore, The trust was formed in 1997 to provide economic, educational, health care and other such welfare supports to educationally, economically and socially marginalized section of Muslilms. Alhamdulillah now Al Aman educational and welfare trust has diversified its welfare activities, the Trust runs an exclusive residential school for visually challenged children, an old age home for the aged, orphans, homeless and Physically challenged people, a charitable clinic, a food bank and scholarship scheme for poor Muslim students, on merit-cum-means basic.

What does Sachar committee says about the status of Muslims in India?

Sachar committee in its final submission stated that economic social and educational status of Muslims in India is lower than that of schedule casts and tribes, this may sound unbelievable but it’s true to the core. Sachar committee report is a clarion call for Muslim community to wakeup to the reality and take measures on war footing basic to provide financial, educational and health care support to needy Muslims.

Al Aman Educational and welfare trust – A ray of hope for the poor, destitute, orphan and aged Muslims.

Al Aman educational and welfare tust has been formed long before the Sachar committee submitted its report. The main area of concern for the Muslim think tank is poor enrollment of Muslims at Secondary level education and dismal enrollment at higher education. There is a famous Hadeeth that states “ acquiring education is obl󠇯igatory on the part of every Muslim man and women”, the famous freedom fighter from South Africa, Nelson Mandela has said “ Education is the most powerful󠇯 weapon you can use to change the worl󠇯d”, unfortunately still education empowerment remains a dream for Muslim in India. The dawn of 21st century has witnessed steady increase of Muslim girls enrollment at secondary and higher education level compared to Muslim boys. Al Aman educational and welfare trust is forefront in helping Muslim girls in the form of counselling and scholarships to pursue higher education.

Our focus – Empowerment of Muslims through Education

Since the beginning our focus has been on empowerment of Muslims through education, because education is the key to social-economic development of Muslim community. Alhamdulillah hundreds of Muslim boys and girls have been benefited by financial aid provided to them by Al Amman Education and welfare trust. Most of the Institutions managed by Musl󠇯im community are for the normal󠇯 chil󠇯dren, there aren’t institutions for visual󠇯l󠇯y challenged students, Al Amman has started residential school for visually challenged students so that they too can pursue education like normal students and lead a decent life.

Aashiyana, a home for the homeless, handicapped and senior citizens.

Aashiyana an old age home run by Al Amman education and welfare trust has been a great success many aged and disowned senior citizens and physically challenged Muslims are leading a decent life as they have roof over their heads. Inshallah we hope to expand our welfare schemes to other parts of Karnataka with your generous contribution and support. ?

Dear Bothers and Sisters your donation could turn poor Muslim students into IAS officers, executives, entrepreneurs, businessmen and future donors and Zakat givers.

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